Message to Club Families:

Boys and Girls Clubs are committed, as always, to doing the right thing, and to doing things right. So, as this Covid-19 issue has unfolded around us, we have carefully followed ALL of the guidance and direction of Federal, Provincial, Municipal and local authorities, including implementing additional cleaning measures, adding supervision to support social distancing, and extra supports/reminders for frequent hand washing/sanitizing, and personal hygiene practices for our Club participants and staff. We closed Club sites as directed or required and where some did remain open (until Tuesday, March 24), it was in an effort to safely support families with no other options for their kids while they worked (despite requiring additional costs to BGC to do so safely).

We, as Canadians, have been asked to stay at home if possible. As such, all of our Club locations are now closed, in order to also support our staff to stay home.

We are committed to trying to support those who are working in essential community services (health care, grocery, gas stations, utilities, or other essential support businesses), and require support for their kids while they work, if they do not have options. If you are a Club family who needs our help, but you haven’t yet filled out the survey we emailed to you on Tuesday, March 24, please do so now.  Please also know that you can reach out to your local Club directly if you need extraordinary help (contact info below).

Thanks for supporting BGC in our efforts to do our part, and for trusting us to be a part of your kids’ and your family’s life. We look forward to returning to “in person” programs as soon as it is safe, and sound to do so. 

Our Clubs are a place where every kid can be amazing!

At Boys and Girls Clubs (BGC), we believe that every kid is amazing. And we know that by seeing and hearing them, they’ll believe it too! That is why, for over 80 years, BGC has been giving children and youth something they deserve: a place to belong when they aren’t at home or at school. To kids, their Club feels like a place where they can hang out with their friends, and make new ones! But it’s so much more. It’s a safe place that provides them with three of the things they need most: a sense of belonging, a sense of success, and positive relationships. That happens through a wide range of activities that are not only of interest to kids, but that are good for them, too: sports, homework, safe access to the on-line world, arts, crafts, and of course, sharing meals.

At BGC, we believe that every kid who wants to go to the Club should be able to. If you need help with fees, please talk to the Club Coordinator – fees are negotiable and payment plans are available to meet your needs.


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