Message to Club Families:

After careful consideration and planning, we are excited to let you know that we are open for Summer Day Camps!  We are very excited to be re-opening our doors, and to be welcoming back some of our Club Members. We have missed you!

This summer, we will be operating with reduced numbers of participants at every site, to maximize social distancing in our facilities. You will also notice a change in our daily operations, to ensure the safety of our staff and participants.  Some of the preventative practices include:

  • All programs and activities will follow social distancing protocols. Pre-prepared, daily activity kits will be created for each participant, with program supplies being used by individual participants and not shared. There will be no out-trips or cooking programs.
  • Participants will be assigned a home base with a specific table/chair during each program and to eat to minimize surfaces used and encourage social distancing.
  • Outside play will be used as much as possible, playing games that follow social distancing protocols with no close contact sports/games allowed.
  • Display posters/visuals will be prominent around the Club to remind participants about social distancing, keeping their hands to themselves, proper hand washing techniques, etc. which will be reinforced by staff.
  • There will be a designated entrance area for sign-in and parent/guardian pick-up. Staff will sign-in and sign-out the participant.
  • A Declaration of Health is required at time of registration, and a brief health screening questionnaire will be filled out daily, upon arrival.
  • Should your child display cold or flu like symptoms, we ask that you keep them at home.
  • Frequent hand washing will be encouraged throughout the day.
  • Increased cleaning and sanitizing procedures will be in place, with detailed checklists that staff will follow.
  • Following the provincial health guidelines, children are not required to wear masks. If a family chooses for their child to wear a mask during Club programming, staff will try their hardest to help that child throughout the day with wearing it, but cannot guarantee that is worn all day.

We ask that you review these practices with your child, to help ensure they understand the changes. While most Clubs typically allow for drop-in programming after 3pm during the summer months, at this time, due to our limited capacity, we ask that families call the Club ahead of time, to ensure space for your child to attend.  Unless you have a pre-arranged appointment, we ask that parent(s)/guardian(s) refrain from entering the building.

This summer, Registration will happen through your Club Coordinator directly, and not via Camp Brain.  Please contact your Club directly to inquire about space availability and registration, waitlists, and for any other information related to day camp and drop-in. Boys and Girls Clubs believe that every child who wants to go to the Club should get to – we do not want anyone left out because of cost.  So, if you need help with your fees, please talk to your Club Coordinator – fees are negotiable and payment plans are available to meet your needs.

Thank you for your continued support of BGC!

Our Clubs are a place where every kid can be amazing!

At Boys and Girls Clubs (BGC), we believe that every kid is amazing. And we know that by seeing and hearing them, they’ll believe it too! That is why, for over 80 years, BGC has been giving children and youth something they deserve: a place to belong when they aren’t at home or at school. To kids, their Club feels like a place where they can hang out with their friends, and make new ones! But it’s so much more. It’s a safe place that provides them with three of the things they need most: a sense of belonging, a sense of success, and positive relationships. That happens through a wide range of activities that are not only of interest to kids, but that are good for them, too: sports, homework, safe access to the on-line world, arts, crafts, and of course, sharing meals.

At BGC, we believe that every kid who wants to go to the Club should be able to. If you need help with fees, please talk to the Club Coordinator – fees are negotiable and payment plans are available to meet your needs.


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