At BGC, we recognize that bullying, regardless of whether it’s physical, verbal, written, or online, has long-term negative impacts for everyone involved – the targets of bullying, the witnesses, and the bullies themselves. We also know that there are constructive ways for kids to develop skills to prevent bullying and to thrive, and that by developing those skills in a supportive environment, the emotional and psychological scars from bullying can be avoided.

That’s precisely what we do in the programs and activities we offer at BGC. Our programs and services foster self-esteem, social engagement, academic success, inclusion, acceptance, respect for self and others, and connection to community – all of which are key elements in bullying prevention.

Boys and Girls Clubs of South Coast BC proudly participates in Pink Shirt Day because it promotes awareness, understanding, and openness about the problem of bullying and represents a community commitment to finding a solution.